The Scientific Committee

Composed of 7 experts in the fields of the history of music and musicology with particular reference to the figure and era of Niccolò Paganini, cultural tourism, and local development, the committee undertakes to provide scientific and technical support by playing an advisory role in the planning of the itinerary’s activities and in the evaluation of requests for new memberships to the Itinerary.

Scientific Committee Members:

Roberto Iovino (Coordinator) – Music Education Methodology, Italy

Laure Dautriche – Musicologist, France

Mariateresa Dellaborra – History, Italy

Susana Maria Goulart Pereira da Costa– Cultural Marketing, Portugal

Wojciech Kudyba – Cultural Policies, Poland

Andreas Lange – Musicologist, Germany

Marxiano Melotti – Sociology of tourism, and territory and cultural heritage, Italy

Danilo Prefumo – Philosophy, Italy