Who we are – How to join

The guarantor network of the Cultural Route is European Paganini Route, since 2023, the International Association to which national or supranational organizations representative of networks of territorial public entities, Chambers of Commerce, and other entities that bring together territorial instances operating for the enhancement of cultural and musical heritage referring to Niccolò Paganini and his time, as well as for youth dialogue and exchange, can join.

The adherence to the European Paganini Route entails the following main obligations:

-Promote the values of democracy and cooperation among peoples as the foundation for peaceful and civil coexistence.

-Ensure active participation in the activities of the European Paganini Route Association (scientific, educational, intercultural dialogue, cultural tourism, local development) and payment of the annual fee established by the General Assembly of the Route.

-Ensure compliance with the following criteria:

  • Cooperation in terms of research and development
  • Promotion of the memory, history, and heritage of Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Cultural and educational exchanges among young people
  • Actualization of culture and the arts
  • Cultural tourism and the development of sustainable and responsible tourism practices

How to join

Why join the European Paganini Route?

The European Paganini Route provides an opportunity to encourage young people to develop their skills and talents, drawing inspiration from the creativity and innovative energy of Paganini. In line with the European spirit, the EPR promotes cooperation that transcends national borders through a cultural and musical initiative of international scope. Paganini maintained constant contact with other great composers and musicians of his time, both in Italy and abroad, and performed in major European theaters. He was a complete and unique European virtuoso, particularly as a violinist, whose fame remains vibrant today and serves as a source of inspiration for young individuals. Numerous cultural and musical events are dedicated to him, and he is referenced in literary, artistic, and even culinary circles, both in Italy and elsewhere.

Membership in the European Paganini Route means that participants can:

  • to acquire an international dimension: becoming participants in a network of prestigious Paganini-themed initiatives capable of reaching a wide international audience;
  • promote European musical heritage and the violin tradition, which historically have always held a significant European value;
  • be protagonists of a territorial marketing process that can stimulate tourist flows and the related economic development;
  • encourage the musical education of young people through collaboration between European conservatories;
  • gain privileged access to participation in European/international projects and the exchange of best practices.

The application will be subjected to review by the International Scientific Committee, which will provide its opinion regarding the membership.

CONSTITUTION OF THE ASSOCIATION It is possible to receive a copy of the constitution upon request at office@europeanpaganiniroute.eu.