Dialogue with young people

Varna Summer for Kids

Varna Summer International Music Festival is almost 100 years “young” and the young participants and audience are not only part of the artistic platform, but also the emotional charge of the festival. Young people are the festival’s absolute priority. One of the most exiting stories in the festival is the series of educational concerts named “Varna Summer for Kids”. These concerts are of great importance for creating the future audience for classical music. Every concert has a theme, for example – Spring, French Fairy, Bulgarian National Heritage and many others – to attract the attention of the youngest audience and to inspire the participation of the youngest musicians. “Varna Summer for Kids” is organised in partnership with the National School of Arts in Varna. With great enthusiasm and with the desire to share joy, the student artists prepare a special programme to perform in front of the youngest audience of the festival – children between 3 and 12 years old, accompanied by their parents. The main goal of this series of 3-4 concerts per year is to stimulate children’s artistic performances and to present shows for children and parents. In the beginning this initiative attracted an audience of 200, but now 10 years later it is one of the most anticipated sections of the festival.Besides this special initiative, the festival has developed the tradition of inviting and promoting young rising stars and giving emerging musicians a professional opportunity to perform in front of new audiences.

New Scenes – Masterclasses and concerts

Participants from 10 countries are involved as tutors and students. Students have masterclasses every day and perform in concerts. The concerts take place on open-air stages in St. Konstantin and Helena Resort, near Varna, and in the Sea Garden of Varna. A major objective of the New Scenes module is to develop new audiences and to attract diversified groups of people to be tempted by the beauty of classical music.

Kids’ Camps

Summer camps for children with fun activities for interactive learning, organised in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Debrecen. Some activities are conducted in costumes from various eras. The aim is to learn not only history and culture, but also foreign languages.

“Paganini on the Net” educational project

An experimental project, carried out under the patronage of the Regional School Office – USR Liguria and with the contribution of the Liguria Region and the Department for Youth and Civil involved secondary schools. The project was divided into 3 parts: three lessons on Paganini’s life and production; elaboration of a Paganini project by each participating school, which was then presented at a public meeting. Presentation of the works realised by the students of the schools enrolled in the project. The Liceo Linguistico Internazionale “Grazia Deledda” participated in the “Paganini in rete” project by translating into Italian some articles on Paganini published in English, French and German music magazines concerning the musician’s performances during his stay in England, France and Germany.

Paganini Youth Guitar Orchestra

Every year at the Parma Festival, hundreds of young people from conservatories and music high schools across Europe come together to form the Paganini Youth Guitar Orchestra, a two- day intensive course under the expert baton of Maestro Vito Nicola Paradiso with a final concert in a special location.